Why are cashews more expensive?

Because cashew nuts are a seasonal fruit. But it comes at a high cost.

Why are cashews more expensive?

Because cashew nuts are a seasonal fruit. But it comes at a high cost. One of the reasons cashew nuts are popular around the world is their nutritional value. Multiple studies praise cashew nuts for their effects, including lowering harmful cholesterol, boosting the immune system, and strengthening muscles and nerves.

The health benefits of cashew nuts make them a popular snack even in times of surplus. Why are cashew nuts so expensive? Cashew nuts are very expensive for several reasons. For example, cashew nuts are expensive, since they are imported products. Secondly, the manufacture and processing of these nuts is dangerous.

Finally, demand for these nuts has increased over the years. Compared to other nuts, cashew nuts are still relatively affordable even though they have many factors that make them expensive. You can buy raw cashews, roasted cashews, and even flavored cashews at many supermarkets and health food stores. The availability of cashew nuts is lower than that of other types of nuts, since they only grow in a certain type of soil.

More and more cashew kernels are being offered without any kind of addition, as well as different flavors of roasting. The high demand for cashew kernels is likely due to changes in consumers' eating habits, including increasing demand for healthier foods, snack options and plant-based sources of protein. Since cashew nuts are mostly enjoyed as snacks, it's not surprising to see cashew nuts gaining popularity among many people who want to eat something healthy. Normally, in cashew nut production, 1 ton of raw cashew nuts can be processed with 250-300 kg of cashew kernels and 700-750 kg of cashew shells.

Roasting cashew nuts to destroy toxins is also dangerous, as toxins are released into the air. Since cashew nut processing requires skills and expensive toxin protection equipment, it is already value for money. In addition, repeated exposure to cashew nut shell oil will destroy protective equipment, which must be replaced by worker safety. Because cashew nuts grow in tropical climates (think India, Vietnam, Brazil, and some African countries), they are not commercially produced in the United States, making cashew nuts sold in the United States an imported product (through the World Cashew Council).

Many studies recommend consuming cashew nuts, as it promotes a number of health benefits, such as lowering harmful cholesterol, developing a better immune system, and strengthening muscles and nerves. With a limited supply of cashew nuts and a high demand for them, the price of cashew nuts gradually increased over time. Cashews are loved for their flavor and texture, but the extraction process is so difficult and dangerous that it can be dangerous if touched with bare hands. Therefore, cashew nut processing companies ensure that every worker has the necessary protective equipment to process cashew nuts and minimize the risk of injury.

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